1. The MHRD, MH and MK Calendars do not automatically appear in your list of calendars.
  2. You need to add them by clicking on one of the following links.  
  3. Please note: You will be asked to login to MHRD Google Apps before the calendar will be added. 

The District Calendar is shared to everyone with an mhrd.org address.

The MH Event and Athletics Calendar is shared to MH Staff and Administrators.  

  • Click here to open the MH Calendar Page.  
  • Then click on + Google Calendar to add it your calendar. 

The MK Event and Athletics Calendar is shared to the MK Staff and Administrators. 

  • Click here to open the MK Calendar Page.  
  • Then click on + Google Calendar to add it your calendar. 

After you add the calendar, your MHRD, MK or MH calendar will appear under Other calendars:

Tech Tip: Change the calendar color by clicking on the calendar name and selecting a color.