Invitations in Google Calendar let you circulate information about a particular event without requiring you to share your entire calendar with others. 

  • It allows you to track the responses of the people you have invited.
  • Guests added by invitation to your calendar entries will also have the latest information about your event.
  • You can quickly view free/busy information for many people at once to find a time that works for everyone.

  1. Click on the event to which you'd like to invite guests (or, create a new event).
  2. Click the edit event details link.

  3. In the Guests box on the right, enter the email addresses of the people you're inviting

  4. Click on the Add button to add the guests.
  5. Click Suggested times to view available time slots for your guests. 
  6. Select the level of control you'd like your guests to have 
    • Edit the event details,
    • Invite more people to your event
    • View who else has been invited
       7.  Click Save