Your default calendar is the MHRD calendar (First Name and Last Name).  

To create an additional calendar (Club Calendar, Department Calendar, etc) follow these steps:

  1. To the right of My Calendars, click on the small triangle and choose Create New Calendar. 

  2. Name the Calendar
  3. Adjust Sharing Permissions and Click Create Calendar

You have three options with Calendar Sharing Settings. 

1. Do not share with others.

  • This is the default setting for your calendar. Share settings are not checked off.
  • No one can see any event details.

2. Share your calendar with specific people.

  • Add email address, set permissions, click Add Person and Save Changes.


3. Share the calendar with MHRD.

  • In the Permission Settings, you have the option to show event details or mark event as free/busy.
  • Show Event Details (all event details will be shown) or Free/Busy (Event will be shown as just see the event as "Busy" or "Available.")