Because it is a web-based system, students and staff can access their work from anywhere. No more distractions like USB keys, outdated file attachments, end of life software or printer issues. Students and staff can work from almost any family computer or mobile device without having to purchase new software.


Google Drive is integrated with Aspen so users have a single sign-on.

Google Apps collaboration tools will make it possible for students to work together virtually on documents, presentations and projects thus promoting 21st century learning skills and digital citizenship among the school community.

• Staff can collaborate on the same document (curriculum writing, group grant writing, team newsletter, department goals, etc).

• Students can work together on group projects.

• Staff can share handouts and forms with students.

• Students can fill out electronic surveys and quizzes and all the data is collected for you.

Google Classroom is a new organizational and communication app that is designed specifically for teachers and students to streamline document sharing, submission and collaboration.

Google Apps provides a significant amount of online storage space thus reducing costs to the district for storage and backup. This app is called Google Drive. Each user is given 5TB of storage and files are backed up automatically. As a point of comparison, our total MHRD storage space equals 24TB.

Google Apps can be accessed from any desktop, mobile device or operating system.


Google Apps for Education is free.

Over time, there could be a cost benefit due to the number of Microsoft Office licenses purchased and the need for physical storage space upgrades.